IEA Heatpump Programm Annex 28




Welcome to the IEA HPP ANNEX 28

IEA HPP Annex 28 is an international framework of national research projects for the testing and calculation of combined heat pump systems with 10 nations participating worldwide.
The Annex 28 is accomplished in the framework of the Heat Pump Programme (HPP) of the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Focus on this website is the actual state of the research on the national level within the framework of the IEA HPP Annex 28 and the broader information on the topics

  • Standardardisation in heat pumps and heating systems
  • Performance Testing and Calculation of heat pumps systems
  • Labelling of energy consumption of heating systems
  • Energetic comparison of heating systems
  • Development and market situation for these systems

IEA HPP Annex 28 has been officially closed in the end of 2005.

The final report can be ordered on the website of the IEA Heat Pump Centre in the category Publications,
Search criteria: Reports, year 2006.


Test rig Agnes (Kensaengineering, UK) - Click to enlarge Test rig DX systems (Arsenal, Austria) - Click to enlarge   Test centre Tokyo (TEPCO, Japan) - Click to enlarge Test rig (Hydro Quebec, Canada) - Click to enlarge  

last update:22.01.2008

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